Sangeeta Boochra X Deme by Gabriella

Sangeeta Boochra X Deme by Gabriella

Meet Charbagh

This capsule collection draws its aesthetic from Indo-Persian architecture featuring a quadrilateral gardendivided by four walkways. The idea represents today’s woman who holds her individuality, her persona, her ambition and her beliefs together at the same time.


Minimalistic yet versatile pieces with open setting Hyderabadi technique adorn this line-up, creating layered patterns that feel equally at home over a traditional ensemble or Indo-western attire. Each piece is completely handcrafted using an open setting technique, mastered by our artisans who have passed on this tradition from the Indo-Persian era.


The idea of creating such a holistic design that pays its tributes to the current and the passing culture took us over a year from building the concept to bringing it to life.


Taking a page from Sangeeta Boochra’s heritage and Gabriella’s free-flowing design, this collection goes above and beyond being just one thing, just like you.


Come, be everything you want to be.

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