Our Team


Sudeep Boochra
An expert in precious and semi-precious stones, Sudeep Boochra is the driving force behind our procurement, manufacturing, cutting, and polishing divisions. He has been in the business for over 35 years with an experience that dates back to 1984. Building up from the ground, Sudeep annually visits the mines of Nigeria, Zambia, Orissa, and Madhya Pradesh to acquire only the highest quality gems in the market. He understands the varied needs of every single client and delivers the exact product to bring all the designs to life. As the Managing Director of the company, Sudeep leads and oversees the enterprise operations in over 90 countries. His futuristic approach allows him to bank the vistas at the right time and the right price.
Sangeeta Boochra
“When a woman is wearing my jewellery, I want her to feel as if she is wrapped in one of life’s greatest luxuries.” – Sangeeta Boochra
Moved by the earliest memories of her grandmother’s jewellery, Sangeeta Boochra is the pillar on whom the eponymous brand stands today. As the director, chief designer, and brand name herself, she reinterprets jewellery's true meaning through a modern woman’s eyes. Sangeeta profoundly believes that art, in all its forms, holds vibrations from the past and is indeed the key to our future.
Leveraging the principles of symbolism, architecture, and history, Sangeeta Boochra reflects the organic yet contemporary nature of feminism through her designs. She is perpetually inspired through her travels to revisit the traditional accessory norms and enhance the very DNA of every timeless classic.
A revolutionary in her class, Sangeeta has been presented various awards and is the go-to designer for Fashion Week extravaganzas across the globe. What sets her apart is her eye to look at a piece not individually but as the focus of a complete ensemble. Crafting her visions to
reality, she has ushered the industry into an era that composites the language of versatility and elegance with a modern touch.
Abhineet Boochra
Abhineet Boochra Abhineet Boochra is the Co- Founder , Director and Designer of the Brand Sangeeta Boochra. He began his career in Vicenza , Italy in 2008, as CEO & International Marketing Head for his Father Sudeep Boochra’s Gemstone export company. Mr. Sudeep Boochra, introduced Abhineet to the world of international design houses and jewelry designers like Bulgari - De Grisigono - Chopard - Palmetto - Marco Bicego to name a few. From there on he became a keen observer of design and brand aesthetics along side marketing. During the 5 years that Abhineet worked and travelled around Europe and Asia he picked up great marketing skills and also imbibed the passion that the Europeans hold for art, history, architecture and how they amalgamate the old and the new. While, Abhineet was gaining experience under his father internationally, back in India his Grandfather Seth Lalit Kumar Boochra and Mother Mrs. Sangeeta Boochra were laying a strong foundation in the world of jewelry with designs created by the designer Mrs. Sangeeta Boochra. Seth Lalit Kumar Boochra felt an immense for some fresh perspective and young force in the business. In 2013 Seth Lalit Kumar Boochra decided to take Abhineet under his wing. Abhineet’s experience from his years spent working around design houses in Europe was put to test. By the end of 2015 one could already notice the change he had brought about. Sangeeta Boochra jewellery was made available in every important city in India. It was being published and spoke of in every important fashion magazine. From Politicians to Bureaucrats to Head Of States , Celebrities , Royal Families of the World all were wearing Sangeeta Boochra jewellery. Not only was he marketing and creating business strategies along side his mother, he was now also working as an apprentice to Sangeeta Boochra the designer to gain experience in designing.
Riteek Boochra
Bringing in his corporate sensibilities, Riteek Boochra is the Co-Founder, Director and Designer of the company. Under his purview, he creates synergistic opportunities for the brand through industry collaborations and market research. With 7 years of experience in strategy building, he has modernised the brand image by associating with leading celebrities, movie production houses, bloggers, e-commerce portals, and national-level press. Exploring his creative side, he is now adding a personal touch to jewellery designing as well. His eye for data-driven outcomes gives him the power to enhance brand awareness across various social platforms. Riteek also undertakes the continuous adaption of technology into the business for seamless operability. Keeping ethics at the core of his work, Riteek ensures the timely implementation of marketing and manufacturing plans in a simplistic manner. His emphasis on HR and the nurturing of Human Capital triggered major initiatives to attract, retain and groom talent. He places a premium on forging and building enduring relationships with the customers that according to him is one of the key determinants of success in the modern world of enterprises.