Import Tax and Duties

Depending on the total value of your order, it may be subject to import tax and duty. We do not collect payment for any import taxes or duties on our website, nor are they included in the product price or shipping cost. All charges associated with import tax and duties are solely the recipient’s responsibilities.
Orders are subject to 2.5% import tax and the appropriate countries VAT rate (Value added tax).
For example, importing an order of silver jewelry into the UK is 20% VAT (Value added tax) + 2.5% Import Tax.
If you are within the USA, the estimated duty rates for importing silver jewelry are as below.
Orders below $800 CIF Value (Cost, Insurance, and Freight) are not subject to any tax.
Orders above $800 CIF Value (Cost, Insurance, and Freight) are subject to the below tax rates.
If the product price after any discount is below $1.50 per piece, then the item is subject to 13.5% tax.
If the product price is over $1.50 per piece, then the item is subject to 5% import tax and duty.
* Anything sold in a pair counts as two pieces.
Please note that the figures above are ONLY ESTIMATES and are not the guaranteed rates. As duty rates are constantly changing, we advise you to contact your local customs office for more information.
Other Countries
For all other countries, please contact your local customs office.