Community Development Programme for Master Craftsmen and Artisans

Community Development Programme
It all started with a humble beginning just to provide work to Women of the villages at their doorstep. To empower them by giving them work. To preserve the dying art of jewellery and techniques due to lack of opportunities in the interiors of India. Started with just 1 village and 1 family. Today we cover 400 Villages and 25,000 Artisans all across.
In 1998, Sangeeta Boochra along with her Father In Law Seth Lalit Kumar Boochra jointly started a programme known as a Community development Programme under which:
1. Unskilled Rural Poor are made jewellery artisans through community mobilization and skill training.
2. Training and livelihood at their doorstep, fair wages, no exploitation, no child labour, no pollution and no harm to the society.
3. Social Development Support: Artisans and their communities are facilitated for better health, life skill education, sanitation and other social imperatives. Financing for 1 daughters marriage of an Artisan.
4. Connecting artisans to the world markets , by taking them to all shows and exporting their products to different countries of the world.
5. We partner with Government, Civil Societies, NGO’s etc.
9. The networks stretch across 400 villages in India through an intense grassroots network to connect 25,000 artisans.
10. Artisan’s thus have the ability to work from home.
11. More women can work towards financial independence, as they don’t have to navigate commute, especially in remote villages.
12. Artisans decide their own work hours - being able to work around their family’s schedules.
13. Artisans will lose no work days in receiving and transporting material.
14. Traditional Indian communities do not give women the opportunity to work outside the home -
Sangeeta Boochra’s model provides an easy solution to this.